Shipping / Freight

B&B Industries strives to offer quality custom made parts for our customers. 

Since most of our products are custom made, built to order, there is a lot of variation of sizes, weights & shipping methods to be considered prior to shipping. 

Because of this, we do not collect shipping information or shipping charges at time of order on most of our products. This is to ensure the best possible shipping options for our customers. 

Some products may weigh over 150 lbs, which requires us to send the shipment via LTL/FTL. Additional information is required to be able to fulfill these larger orders.

If a product you have ordered / wish to order is labeled "Shipping / Freight charges will be collected at time of shipment" is indicating that we will contact you when we have the order ready to ship and proceed to collect payment for the shipping charges. 

Please remember to contact our Parts Dept. with any questions regarding shipping / freight!